Or electric or gas baked!

dated 2003 until 2021 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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History of the bathing suit


This ceramic design gives a humorous look on the change of our Western bath or beach culture.

Vulnerable nude!


Sometimes you feel small and vulnerable, shrink your in each other and would you like to disappear!

Prudish boys in ribconfort


Figurine baked on 1060 ° c.

With a nod to the ribconfort briefs from my young years!

Most of us have worn; However, we felt a little shy.

Masked naked!


It is a small mask, but still I feel safe with it!

Figurine electric baked at 1080 ° c; colored with black and Red sludge.

Civilization anno 2016/2017


As we saw several times on TV: execution of prisoners in Orange suit, carried out by Islamic State!

Figurines electric baked at 1080 ° c, colored mad red sludge.

The prisoners, sitting on skeleton parts, waiting with tied hands on their execution

Crucian carps


Couple displaying crucian carps!

Can woman


A box as tins containing a number of female figures!

Wir schaffen das!


The rickety boat was named for the now legendary "Wir schaffen das" by Angela Merkel.

Electric fried on 1060 ° c, colored with engobes and covered with a transparent shiny glaze.

25 year Member Weight Watchers


After 25 years as a member of the local chapter weight watchers, ask Madam to her husband or they will continue to go ... Loving Mr. remains silent in all languages. Of diplomacy!

What yoy see is what you get!


Girl on the Chaussée d ' Amour in Sint-Truiden shows her body!

Tonight then?


White clay, electric baked 1060 ° c

Homo Erectus


Natural clay (Cap Gris Nez), gas kiln 1030 ° c

My dog


My dog, but he doesn't do anything!

White clay, electric baked on 1045 ° c

My crown jewels


My crown jewels; what did you expected?



Where there is a will there is a way, but sometimes it is very difficult!

In love!


Natural clay (Cap Gris Nez) + oxides baked on 1030 ° c in a gas kiln.